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Fashion extends beyond what the eye can see. The human body isn’t always the most fragrant of objects. As soon as humans discovered pleasant-smelling ointments, they seem to have smothered themselves in them. On Cyprus, a 4,000-year-old perfume factory has been discovered in the ruins left by an earthquake. The residue of perfumes clinging to pottery vessels has allowed modern perfumers to recreate these ancient aromas.

The ancient Egyptians were addicted to perfume. They considered fragrances to be the sweat of the Sun god Ra. They had a god of perfume called Nefertum, who healed with sweet-smelling blossoms.[5] To wear your perfume like an Egyptian, you’ll have to give up your spray bottles. The Egyptians infused aromas into oil, not alcohol as we do. A cone of perfumed wax would be balanced on top of an Egyptian’s head. As it melted over the course of a sultry evening, it released its smell.

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