Socks And Sandals

When a Roman army marched toward you, it would rarely be a laughing matter. Look away from their swords and shields, however, and you might chuckle to find these valiant men wearing socks and sandals. The conquerors of the world were not afraid to commit a fashion faux pas. In Britain, artifacts have been discovered showing Romans in their socks and sandals. A razor handle fashioned like a shapely leg clearly shows a foot with woven socks pulled up high, underneath a pair of sandals.[3]

You might think this was a fashion necessitated by the chilly British climate. However, from the scorching sands of Egypt comes more direct evidence of the ancient fondness for socks and sandals. In the Victoria and Albert Museum, there is an unusual pair of bright red socks from roughly AD 300. They have two divided toes at the end to allow the straps of a sandal to slip comfortably through.

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