Think of Rome, and you might think of old men in togas in the Senate house. That was about the only time you could get a Roman to actually wear a toga. Togas were not designed for everyday use. Only on occasions when it was necessary to put on a show would a man don his toga.

Togas were pretty much designed to be useless as clothes. To be worn properly, these huge semicircles of wool required the help of slaves in dressing.[9] Holding it in place all day meant you could not use your left arm for any other task. The thick wool was stifling in the Roman summer. Wearing a toga told people you were far too important to actually do anything physical. To keep your toga clean also required it to be soaked in urine and trampled by slaves’ feet to dissolve grease.

One advantage of the toga was that the folds of cloth provided handy spots for carrying small objects like a stylus and notepad. Caesar’s assassins hid their daggers in their togas.

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